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Discovery: Look at next openwrt/LEDE release.

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Need to look at refreshing build system and the current/next stable release.
Also should write up a standard build/install.

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It looks like you are ahead of me on this one. Can you update what you learn here?


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If it helps any you can look at my directory on sandbox.
There are two build systems the less complicated one is on sandbox.
The build the config one is a little more complicated.
I think there is an example on guenter but I will have to dig around.

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On sandbox in my home directory there is a checkout of the entire 18.xx which is up to date and which you can build using menuconfig.

su -l feurig
cd openwrt
make menuconfig 
I kind of prefer using the sdks since they are lighter weight and specific to the architecture.
Feel free to su to my account and dig around my bash history.

Any advice you have to making this more generalized (shared account etc) would be greatly appreciated.

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Actually (I realized poking around my .bash_history that), until this time last year, I did several builds on sandbox in the /home/openwrt directory. Most of the builds use the SDK for the platform I was building on. The exception is in the directory /home/openwrt/source/openwrt which is the source from the git repo.

I am not doing a very good job of letting you tell me what you found. (otoh I you seem busy). For fun I checked out th 19.07-rc1 branch dn built from it but did not set up the files directory (where you put the ssh keys, sudoers and any other local configuration to be included into the build).

I did not find the current release LTS candidate (19.07-rc2) in the repo but I suspect that they will be releasing 19.07 soon enough.

I did some playing around with builds on guenter and some other of the machines that should have had faster disk and will probably run up a build system on my home server (which has two smaller ssds on the main board). When we move the 1T ssd to bernie (assuming that its less of a problem) we can build out a container that would make builds trivial time wise.

Let me know if this is helpful or not.

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19.07 has been released. Do we have a box that we can stage knights replacement with?
When I was diagnosing bs2020s idrac I noticed that it is running several sub-releases behind.
This concerns me.

Let me know.

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Do we have a machine that we can install 19.07 and Wireguard?
I think this is the future....

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I need to apologize for not back-checking the container creation for the current ubuntu. Using the ansible/profile method should have given you an ssh server and it doesnt. I installed one on vasily (as well as rsync and curl needed for the openwrt builds) on top of adding a dns entry/cname for it You should be able to ssh directly to it using joe@…. I will go back and fix the new container creation and document it better some time in the next week or two.

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My house router died so I had to do a fresh install using vasily.


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Unless you have docs or markdown from your explorations, I think we can close this out.


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